He really wanted a wolf puppy.


As far as I can tell there are no breeders anywhere close to use that have any hybrid wolf puppies for sale at this time. 

He wants a Domesticated Wolf puppy for Christmas.


I can not even believe that he wants a Domesticated wolf puppy f or Christmas. 

My family has always had a Domesticated Wolf or Wolf Dogs.


I would like to purchase him as a wolf puppy and have him his whole life. 


Wolf Hybrids


They look just like wolves, but without the feral nature.

Wolf hybrids are like many larger dog breeds


Wolf puppies are just as cute, cuddly, and trainable as any species.

Wolf hybrids...5 Million and growing


Hybrid wolves, or wolf dogs as they are sometimes called, are safer than the vast majority of dog breeds, and are fiercely loyal and loving house pets.

Hybrid wolves make the absolute best house pets


Wolf Hybrids are fiercely loyal and loving, and we are convinced that your life will change for the better if you take a wolf hybrid puppy into your home.

Hybrid Wolves


Human hunter-gatherers and wolves experienced several overlaps as both are social species, they shared habitat and hunted the same prey. There are four theories to explain possible routes for domesticaion of the dog: