Wolf hybrids...5 Million and growing

By Tim T.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wolf hybrids make some of the best pets around. Millions of them are already living in the homes of happy owners around the country, and Starcross Wolves is dedicated to increasing their numbers further. Hybrid wolves, or wolf dogs as they are sometimes called, are safer than the vast majority of dog breeds, and are fiercely loyal and loving house pets.


Their appearance varies based on the species, with red timber, arctic, and Canadian wolves all presenting dramatically different appearances. Starcross wolves has wolf puppies for sale through out the year. Their one of a kind breeding facility produces many litters each year, and works with clients to provide hybrid puppies based on client desires. Come and join the wonderful world of wolf hybrids. We’re sure that you’ll never go back to the traditional canine breeds.